I’m getting geared up for a lenghty self-quarantine… I’m not sick, but I don’t want to get sick either. I have asthma and that complicates any respiratory illness. My asthma is occupational… not officially, of course, since that is extremely hard to prove/diagnose… but the only time I have an attack is at work. There are a number of things that could be said about that, but not here, not now.
I’ll leave it at this — we (me and HR) are trying to find a path forward for me.
For now though I’ve applied to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic (gawd, that’s scary to write).
I went in briefly this morning to talk to my coworker on the website team. Since we can work from anywhere that we can get an internet connection, things won’t change much for us. We’ve decided how we are going to manage the work, how we are going to communicate, and what we will do as the work slows down (except for posting COVID-19 information on the site).
Today I’m prepping for a long stay at home. I called this Day 0 since we will probably make one more trip out to stock up — not crazy-hoarding stock up — just to fill in the gaps in the pantry, medicine cabinet, and art supplies (hey, I’m going to have a bit of free time, I might as well make art).
Plans are to avoid getting freaked out, to do a lot of zazen (zen meditation), cook, walk, read, make art, and clean.
Be well, take care of you and yours!
Peace & love, folks, will get us through the day and the days to follow