Okay. It’s official. No crowds for us for now; no dinners out; no perusing bookstores or other venues; no hanging out with friends. We are now working from home.

We are self-quarantining. All in-person classes are now being taught online, and I received approval last night to work from home.

Actually it’s not too hard to think about a month or so of quarantine. We don’t go out a lot. Our biggest thing is we like dinner out now and then (okay more like twice a week — or when anyone suggests it!). But we are dusting off the cookbooks and looking for meal inspiration.

My tribulation in all this will be that I tend to get restless. I am not someone who can sit and watch hours of television/YouTube. I get a bit stircrazy with that sort of entertainment/escape.

I think a daily, or twice-daily walk will help. Walking always has been renewing for me. Bicycling even more so… maybe I can work on getting back on the bicycle. We could go on a ride around the lake everyday. Biking is naturally social distancing — unless you crash into folks.

I do have work to do. I’ll be on the university’s clock at least 7 hours a day.

Other projects might include cleaning the basement and garage. I’d planned to do the 100-mile garage sale at the end of April… but who knows if that’s going to happen. But even if it’s postponed, cleaning out the basement and garage is a good thing.

Be well, take care of you and yours!

Peace & love, folks