Ob Ovo

Price: NFS

Material: dalle de verre glass, stone

Size: 15″ x 12″

This mosaic was done in the dalle de verre method. Meant to be hung in windows,  large chunks of thick glass pass all the way through the mosaic substrate. When the light outside the window is bright, the light passing through the glass is the most visible –  a stained glass effect – but when the light inside the room is brighter, the mosaic part is most visible. 

Ab ovo is Latin for “from the beginning, the origin, the egg”.

selling stuff

I make things because my demons won't give me any peace until  I make something for us – mosaics, sculpture, drawings, books, stickers, furniture, tools...

I sell some of what I make, sometimes... when I can let go of it.

Often the work I sell is work created especially for a person. Commissions, pieces created as a collaboration between us, something that takes shape in our minds during a number of conversations, eventually making its way out into the physical world. Other times people just see something I've made and want to have it.

Books and stickers I just make, in large numbers. People buy them if they like them.