Discovering mosaics breathed life back into my art practice. I was at a point, and in a place, where making art wasn’t a passion any longer. I’d stopped with all the other forms of art that I made and wasn’t even looking for something new.

During a visit to Chicago, I found myself standing in the lobby of a building ( one scheduled to be torn down) face-to-face with the most amazing artwork — a 30-foot by 12-foot mosaic made of smalti (a Byzantine-era style of glass) about the sciences. I’d found what I didn’t even know was hunting for. I could move forward again.

If you see something you are interested in, please let me know using the form at the bottom of the page.

selling stuff

I make things because my demons won't give me any peace until  I make something for us – mosaics, sculpture, drawings, books, stickers, furniture, tools...

I sell some of what I make, sometimes... when I can let go of it.

Often the work I sell is work created especially for a person. Commissions, pieces created as a collaboration between us, something that takes shape in our minds during a number of conversations, eventually making its way out into the physical world. Other times people just see something I've made and want to have it.

Books and stickers I just make, in large numbers. People buy them if they like them.