I’ve always made what my mom called “contraptions.”

Putting things I found together to make something was just what I did. When I was little I would take tin can lids and hammer them into weird shapes and screw them, or sew them, together. I would tie sticks and stones and metal up into conglomerations. I once stole a squirrel pelt (although I’m sure the hunter would have given it to me if I asked) and took it home and taxidermied it with striped marbles for its eyes.

When I’ve needed to learn a technique I’ve tracked down a teacher… or taught myself. Mostly I just experiment with things. Sometimes it really works… other times, well, those projects get recycled into something else.

If you see something you are interested in, please let me know using the form at the bottom of the page.

selling stuff

I make things because my demons won't give me any peace until  I make something for us – mosaics, sculpture, drawings, books, stickers, furniture, tools...

I sell some of what I make, sometimes... when I can let go of it.

Often the work I sell is work created especially for a person. Commissions, pieces created as a collaboration between us, something that takes shape in our minds during a number of conversations, eventually making its way out into the physical world. Other times people just see something I've made and want to have it.

Books and stickers I just make, in large numbers. People buy them if they like them.