It is just the right temperature for a walk. I didn’t have to wear a jacket. I probably could have worn shorts. It’s sort of the temperature that you wish every morning started at.

I guess that’s the biggest thing is that it’s really damp. It rained most of the night and there’s lots of puddles, the sidewalk is wet, and the streets are wet.

The air feels really close and heavy, like if the sun were up I might see that it was extremely foggy. In the valleys between the bluffs there sometimes are these pockets of wispy fog that make you feel like you’re in a Emily Bronte story. Anyway, it feels like the world be fog covered this morning.

One time I sent a question in about fog to Mark Sealy, University of Minnesota’s head climatologist (or he was at the time). He answers one listener question each week. I asked why some mornings the top of the bluffs are foggy and why some mornings the valleys are foggy. I actually got to hear him answer my question on air. He also sent me an email letting me know he was going to be answering it so that I could make sure to listen to it and giving me the answer in case I couldn’t listen to the broadcast that Friday. It was interesting and without pretty cool. He gets a lot of weather questions so he must have thought it was a good one.

I just felt a rain drop or actually several raindrops, I may be soaking wet by the time I get to work. I’m gonna sign off and put this phone away so it doesn’t get too wet too.